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VW Transporter Custom mats. Which ones do I need?

VW Transporter Custom mats. Which ones do I need?

The VW Transporter is a popular vehicle used widely by a tradesperson, campers, families and followers of the scene. With so many options available starting from the very first T1 released in 1950, going up to the current T6, and now the pending release of a facelift version (could be a T6.1?) can make choosing the correct mats a bit of a headache. If you fancy a read about the history of VW Transporter then Wikipedia has a great page here.

Here at we have a wide range of mats available for the Volkswagen Transporter from the T4 model released in 1990 up to the current latest model. My aim is to break down the variations and make the task of choosing the best mats for your VW Transporter an easy and enjoyable task, and ultimately, once you have taken delivery they fit perfectly and look great.

When choosing mats there are some phrases and options that you need to be aware of. First off, I will explain the difference between front mats that state 'walkthrough' and those that don't. A walkthrough mat is for a transporter that only has 2 front seats when the van has this configuration of seating there is a gap between the fronts that allow you to 'walk through' ;) from the front into the rear of the Transporter Van/Kombi/Shuttle/Caravelle/California. This extra area needs a mat that is correctly shaped to protect this area of floor from dirt, grime and wear. And as you've probably guessed it, the mats we offer that don't state walkthrough don't have this, they are for use when the front is equipped with a 2+1 seat setup, a twin passenger bench seat and a single driver's seat.


  1. Walkthrough mats for vehicles with 2 single front seats.
  2. Mats for none-walkthrough vehicles have a 2+1 front seat setup.
  3. On the T4 there is a variation with the gearstick in a different location, we have a special mat you can find below.
  4. We do offer rear mats that will be added to the site shortly, if you require one in the meantime then please get in touch.

If there is anything we can do to help, whether you have a question choosing the right mats or anything else but drop an email over to the customer service team and we will be all too happy to help.

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